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I just returned from the City of Beacon Memorial Day parade. While waiting for the parade to start I talked to a WW II vet who reminded me of my father. He is 93 years old and was in the U.S. Navy. He said he was in the Battle of Sicily. I hope he tells his stories, he has lots to tell. I offered him a bottle of water – it was very hot. He said – no, he was old school, like a camel – didn’t need it. He comes to the parade every year – not just because he is a vet, but because his son died in Vietnam and his name is read at the Beacon Memorial Day ceremony.

I decided to post some pictures of the Colberts and Whelans who served. They all made it home. I couldn’t find pictures of everyone. If anyone has a picture, send it to me and I’ll update this post. The missing pictures include: Mike and Jackie Colbert;  Pat McNamara,  Bill Graf and Vincent Cooper. I don’t know how many cousins served, but there were a lot.

Here are the pictures I found:

Larry Colbert – Pan Am Africa – Air Transport Command

Larry Colbert – U.S. Navy

Uncle Joe – U.S. Navy (with his brother Larry)

Aunt Angela – U.S. Navy Nurse

Uncle Vincent – U.S. Army

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