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Today most people go to the Internet when they start the search for their ancestors. Then they look in court houses, libraries, and archives. But to find some real gems about your family history, you need to go local.

I recently wandered into the Beacon Historical Society to see what they had. I wanted to be able to point visitors and callers to the Dutchess Genealogical Society to additional research material for the Beacon area.

What a treasure trove I found.

The Beacon area was known for its brick. The BHS has samples from many of the companies in the area. This one is from Brockway.

They have several old Sanborn maps. These maps were originally created to determine fire insurance liability.

Old fire insurance maps can provide lots of details about a house and neighborhood. The blue building is St. Luke's Church.

My house in 1912 - the kitchen addition is there and but it looks like the mud room wasn't. Yellow means it's wood and the "2" means it's two stories high. The old garage is not there either, but I saw it in a later edition. Now I know about when the garage was built.

In a small, portable file drawer I found some 3 x 5 index cards in alphabetical order. They were the membership cards for the Southern Dutchess Singers. I’d never heard of them but apparently they were quite well known and performed at many locales, including the Cadet Chapel at the U. S. Military Academy.

The Southern Dutchess Singers perform at the Cadet Chapel at USMA.

In addition to the singers they had Associate Members; Mr. and Mrs. T.T. Forman were among this group.

Associate members - Mr. and Mrs. T. T. Forman

The Southern Dutchess Singers were looking for Associate Members - the Formans were among those who joined.

I’ll be going back and checking out the rest of the Beacon Historical Society collection.

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