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This week I didn’t get too far on the book or the background research. I was busy preparing for the class on Immigration and Naturalization that I will be teaching for the Dutchess County Genealogical Society in about a week. It’s been interesting preparing and I did get to review a lot of my records. After reviewing the passenger list again, I am pretty certain I found the ship on which Johanna Ryan and her 3 children arrived, with her mother. It’s not an exact match – that happens so often in genealogy. You would think it would be easy to find a woman traveling with three young children, but no, the names of two of the children are wrong, but their ages are right. Instead of Margaret, Michael, and Mary, it’s Mary, Michael, and Pat. Oh well.

I did get some more information on Aunt Addie’s family, but I’m still missing details of 7 of her children – she had 13.

I’m still trying to figure out how to set up this blog, I keep trying new themes.

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Summer Weather

It’s been hot and muggy all week, and my house is not air-conditioned. I tend to slack off the genealogy this time of year, but I am determined to stay on track with this book.

I’ve decided to make the project more manageable by breaking the book down into four sections: Colbert, Ryan, Whelan, and Shanley/Ahern. For some reason I started with Ryan. I’ve been going through my records on Roots Magic and checking Ancestry and writing relatives to make sure I have accurate and complete information. I have a long way to go. Larry Ryan and Johanna Roche had 10 children and 5 of those children had children. Maggie had 6 or 7 children; Mamie had 3; Josephine 6, Addie 13, and Peter, 1. That’s a lot of people to track.

I’m also filling in the blanks on Johanna’s sister Ellen Durney. I found her great-grandchildren and they provided an update on that branch of the family.

I plan to update this blog periodically with a progress report on the book. And while I’m at it, I might as well report on my garden – which is what usually distracts me from genealogy. It’s growing – with the rain and the heat the flowers are growing like crazy – the peonies here and gone, the roses in bloom – luckily they bloom all summer long.

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