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Back to work

I had planned a post on “What’s Taking So Long?” to show some of the steps required to get the book ready for printing.

Before I started that there were a few delays:



Once December arrives Christmas preparation takes over. I did four Shutterfly photo books this year.

Sick Computercomputer

My computer has been ill and it seems to be a chronic illness which may require a visit to the computer doctor. It just refused to work, so I let it take a Christmas break and then did some cleaning and stuff to the extent of my knowledge (limited). It’s been working, but still shows signs of illness.

P.S. Does anyone know what that building is? It’s part of the Colbert family history. It was  torn down as part of the Columbia University expansion in Manhattanville. It’s on my screen because I had somehow hit a button in the picture and have no idea how to change it. I look at it and wonder what it was like when it was first built in 1896. I don’t think it was orange.

Details, details

There’s a lot to be done to put the book together. I’ve been cleaning up the index. I am a fan of indexes and always check the index of a non-fiction book. Some are good, some are bad. I used to be critical of some indexes. I’m not now, not after indexing my book. It is very easy and very hard. Tagging the names and places to be indexed is simple. Getting it perfect, not so much. Here’s an example:


See how Anne Getty is on two lines instead of combined into one. OOPS! I forgot to put a space between the b. and 1890. This one was simple to find and tedious to fix. (They’re all tedious to fix.) Some I will stare at, enlarge, and still not see the mistake. The fastest way to fix these is to delete the offending tag and do it over. 

The index is 11 pages long, and I finished the review and the fixing today. I’m sure if I check it again in a few days I will find something wrong with it. I apologize in advance for the mistakes in the index. 



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