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In 1980, shortly after her 90th birthday, Anne Getty stayed at my mother’s house for the weekend. I took the opportunity to tape her reciting a few stories:

Kelly, Burke, and Shea – a poem about Irish American newspapermen reporting on the sinking of the U.S.S. Maine in 1898.
She also recited a poem about Brian Boru and talked about Ross and the quarries.

Anne Getty

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These updates are to ensure I stay on track and work towards my goal – book in hand by May 8, 2018.

The draft is done and now comes the fun part – deciding what pictures, maps, illustrations, and charts to include. At least I thought it would be fun.

This project has taken so long that I have switched computers three times. This last time I thought would be less confusing since I had a plan. Plans don’t always work out and files are here, there, and everywhere.

I thought I lost the photographs of my grandmother’s court case (see Mary is Sued), but after a long search I found them – under Desktop, not This PC or One Drive or OS (C:). I found a lot of the other genealogy photos there too, but not all.

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I’m also going to review all my citations to make sure they are consistent. It should be a fun summer, my goal is to have this finished by September.



Task List - Book

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