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Summer Weather

It’s been hot and muggy all week, and my house is not air-conditioned. I tend to slack off the genealogy this time of year, but I am determined to stay on track with this book.

I’ve decided to make the project more manageable by breaking the book down into four sections: Colbert, Ryan, Whelan, and Shanley/Ahern. For some reason I started with Ryan. I’ve been going through my records on Roots Magic and checking Ancestry and writing relatives to make sure I have accurate and complete information. I have a long way to go. Larry Ryan and Johanna Roche had 10 children and 5 of those children had children. Maggie had 6 or 7 children; Mamie had 3; Josephine 6, Addie 13, and Peter, 1. That’s a lot of people to track.

I’m also filling in the blanks on Johanna’s sister Ellen Durney. I found her great-grandchildren and they provided an update on that branch of the family.

I plan to update this blog periodically with a progress report on the book. And while I’m at it, I might as well report on my garden – which is what usually distracts me from genealogy. It’s growing – with the rain and the heat the flowers are growing like crazy – the peonies here and gone, the roses in bloom – luckily they bloom all summer long.

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This is my new blog.  I’ll be learning as I go along. My plan is to keep track of my progress on writing my family history book.

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